In love and life

We won’t learn much

If we don’t have the courage

To attempt something new


The lesson often comes

After the test is done

And the best lessons in life

Are learnt through mistakes and strife


Explore new horizons, expand your boundaries

Try the unthinkable, think outside the box

Live the life, let your spirits fly free

Remorse or repent, but never regret!


Each day is a new existence

Yesterday is an experience

Today is an examination

Tomorrow, a new expedition


Each and every life story,

Is it’s own kingdom and glory

So, never repeat or regress

Remorse, but never regret.







May You instill in all of us

Wisdom and enlightenment through clarity

For it is through You, we hope to seek and achieve

Divine and lasting peace and serenity

In turn, may we be an inspiring presence

To our loved ones and everyone around us

Like a candle and all of it’s essence

Wherever there is darkness.


May You uplift our spirits and cleanse our souls

May You turn our hearts to gold

Strengthen our values, both inter and intra alike

May You imbue in us all, virtues like:

Patience, tolerance, humility and self-control

May the first be returned ten-folds

Love, kindness, compassion and empathy

May we uphold these with unwavering sincerity.


May You cheapen our sustenance and contain our greed

May You not give us what we want, but what we need

May You bless us with good health, vitality and longevity

May You banish our sins form here to eternity

May You shelter us from harm, calamity and crises

May You keep us away from evil deeds, bad influences, and vices

And other temptations and sinful worldly desires

That would draw us ever closer to the fire.


May You cool our inner fire and calm our hearts

May You clear our heads and compose our thoughts

May You soften our tongue and lower our gaze

May You bless us with good manners, courtesy, and grace

May You guide our hands and show us signs

For it is through the unseen, do we trust and hope to find

May You strengthen our path, so we may never astray

May You strengthen our faith, come what may.

June-July 14




Because I am human

Like everyone else

I am entitled to bad life decisions

That would ultimately and drastically,

For better or for worse,

Alter my fate and destiny.


A superior yet imperfect sentient being

A mere mortal

Both fallible and frail

Made of flesh and blood,

Held in place by skin and bones

From head to tail.


Encased and sculpted of clay,

A curious spirit lies within

Not alike the angels or devils,

Created of free will and empty slate

And a propensity to succumb to earthly desires

Both of light and dark

For love or hate…







To be extirpated from civilization

And parachuted into obscurity

Whisked away we are locked

Near but far, a slide so steep

The gross and sudden realization

Within a complex of maximum security

Wherein souls are herded and stocked

And where grown men curl and weep

A priceless and unique life lesson

And newfound appreciation of spirituality

Let the inner fire awe, but never shock

‘A technicality, a harmless medicinal weed!’

Thus begun the tale of life inside walls

Nevermind the innocent or the guilty

The slight bruise or a damning knock

Simply remain calm and breathe deep

And repeat the words that foster

Fortitude, strength, and courage…

‘Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken’, is me.







Freedom is naught but a mere illusion

An often misunderstood state of mind

To find true freedom within,

One must reach out far and wide

Between their cumulative perception and stride

And dig deep into their souls

To find their ecstasy of gold

Open up your mind and look all around

How many are actually free and unbound?

Free from heaps of bills and debts

Free from corporate slavery and theft

Free of datelines or responsibilities

Free from hindrance or captivity

Free to speak up or stand up

Free of disease of fears or doubts

But most important of all

Free to think and be

Your very true self



Image: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Freedom-147171756


Within these walls that incarcerate me

Concrete crevice with nowhere to flee

Soft lush makeshift papyrus

On which these thoughts thus pen

As delicate as this soul

On stilts and straws it stands

Peering through the perforated steel

And through the layered veil

Scenes and images spun the reel

That foreshadowed an ominous tale

Bounced off walls, these thoughts do hurt!

Yet the delayed visions cannot conceal

Peeling the skin beneath to unfurl

Hidden thoughts and wisdom thus reveal.




Warm embrace, our spirits drifting on a plane
Of varying, vibrating wavelengths uncurtained
Mighty fluorescent beams emit and radiate light
From which soulful angels unite to take flight
Elevated state of consciousness that can never decay
This merriment of rituals we shall dance, if we may?
And the cowboy conductor played our favourite song
Traditional theme, to which we belong
A binding common thread to each and every individual
A sonic assault that’s glide and gladly ritual
Our souls euphorically elevated to a common strain
Vibrating through the wavy train, we shall forthwith entertain
Each and every residual soul illuminate and radiate
A warm embrace to placate and sedate
Connect the dots in running order
On this metaphysical plane none shall suffer!
Alas we’re terraforming and sliding from world to world
This fascinating uplifted trajectory, that can only unravel and unfurl