Full moon gathering, this is a call
Ravers and trancers are one and all
Stage is set, we’re standing abreast
Shoulder to shoulder, with great vigour and zest
Creamy green setting, that of Jaeger and acid
Truly a spectacle so layered and massive
Shimmering chandelier spinning round and round
To the bass pounding hypnotic sounds
A lone capped trucker of unkempt hair
Showing all his immaculate deck skills and flair
Behind a lifted and euphoric crowd
Lighting the night with visuals so loud
Conductor to a choir of tens of thousands
First of five, the memorable night just got started
Wristbands intact, we’re furiously fisting the skies
Therapy done right! Else, how did we get so high?

On this night, Ancol truly raised the bar
Uniting people all over the world, near or far
To forever remain in our memories
To those who came, an unforgettable experience
To our grandchildren, an everlasting story



Look but cannot see

Talk but never speak

Hear but not listen

Touch but not feel

Am lost yet found

Alone but never lonely

Inanimate yet moving

Stupefied but never stupid

Feeling sad yet glad

Horrific but terrific

Gruesome yet awesome

Terrible but incredible

To evolve but not advance

To appreciate and depreciate

To regret without remorse

To breathe but yet not live…



Image: http://monika-es.deviantart.com/art/swing-175739575


Static abstract paved the way
Illuminated senses so void and null
Tattered canvas painted black to gray
In dense pixels that numbed the dull

In solitary silence, I thus sedate
To mute and cancel these excessive noise
Perpetual habits that only aggravate
Knowing the truth, yet seeking a cause

Mired in salty sands of time
Swathed in brine within these walls
Dire consequences filled with grime
In suspended animation, watch me fall.


Suspended Animation











The things we do to save our day,

The things we courageously say.

To feed and fulfill the needs

Of our sanity once again.

The jerking reflex and the rash,

Our growing vices and diminishing cash .

The drastic measures undertaken,

The endless sacrifices we made,

To feel alive and not merely breathe.

To feel safe and sane again, at peace.



Image: http://danlikestrees.deviantart.com/art/Dan-Lester-Vs-The-World-165160784



Behind the white picket fence
One solitary sunflower stands
Pretty and tall among the rest
A brilliant hue of beauty and zest

Prickly petals chafe these fingers
A scent so piquant, it slips
Behind a trail that lingers
Implores one’s senses to twitch
And osculate their thumb
While steadying their hands
In stupor, leaving self numb
Stoned, never to comprehend

A magnificent sight to behold
Among a dreary bed so jaded
Such smooth ambrosia nectar
O’ sweet and succulent saccharine
But in truth, if I may be so bold
I’d cultivate it within a shade
And hold it under my shelter
Fecundate the amber pollen,
So soft, sore and swollen
And to forever make it mine.




Seasons may change and so can I
Surrender to fate, for the hour is nigh
Cherish these memories that’ll never die
Imminent resignation, leaving dignified and high

Farewell my friends, it has been an absolute pleasure
Am neither sad, nor am I glad
The times spent together I will always treasure
Be it the good times or the bad

May my smile be perpetually ingrained
May you remember the signature laughter
May my grace and touch not be in vain
May you remember me hereafter

Thank you for the memories, lessons and sweet blessings
Thank you to all the companions and mentors
May we face the unknown with confident yearning
May we be inspired to pursue our life endeavors.


Grazie e arrivederci…



As time goes on, colours start to bleed
Within this makeshift asylum bereft of sanity
Policies penned for profit or for greed?
Courtesy of bureaucracy and false vanity

The exalted twiddling thumb that inscribes
Are the very same thumb that nudges,
Dreams and disposable fodders aside
To the paper guillotine’s clutches

Another hapless victim of circumstance
Shrouded in secrecy, mysteries remain unfold
Take a bow and leave nothing to chance
“Choice of a higher power”, or so we were told

To find courage through the darkest hour
While searching for the truth cold as ice
Shackled and gagged, overpowered!
Indebted to none, yet paying the price




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